Truck Underride Collisions 

Truck underride collisions are among the most deadly types of truck crashes.  Approximately 25 % of all truck involved fatalities are from these underride collisions.  There are two common types of underride collisions, rear underride collisions and side underride collision.   Rear Underride Collisions  Rear underride collisions occur when a passenger vehicle collides with, and slides … Continue reading

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June Is National Safety Month 

The National Safety Council has declared June as National Safety Month.  Each week has a different focus, with the intent of eliminating preventable deaths and injuries at work, at home, in communities, and on the road.  This year, the “No 1 Gets Hurt” campaign covers:  Emergency Preparedness  Wellness  Falls  Driving  Here are some of the highlights.  … Continue reading

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BBQ Safety – What Every Griller Needs to Know 

Nothing says summertime like firing up the grill for a barbecue with family and friends.  However, grilling can be dangerous.  Fire departments put out almost 10,000 fires a year that were started by a grill, hibachi, or barbecue.   Between 2012 and 2016, an average of 16,000 people went to the emergency room due to injuries involving grills.  Often, these … Continue reading

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5 Dangerous Types of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents cause significant property damage, severe injuries, and often death.  There are a number of reasons truck accidents are more dangerous than car crashes.  First, because of their size and weight, trucks require more stopping time than cars.  While the average passenger car requires 316 feet to come to a complete stop from a … Continue reading

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The Special Dangers of Head-on Collisions

Two Car Head-on Collisions Head-on collisions are one type of car crash.  The term “head-on collision” refers to crashes where the point of impact is in the front of the car.  For two car head-on collisions, this refers to both cars’ impact point in the front of the vehicle.  Head-on collisions are more likely to … Continue reading

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