Prevent Auto Accidents This Season

Christmas may have passed, but many people still celebrate the season and are on the road in January. More people are on the road as they travel to spend time with faraway family and friends. More cars equals more chances for automobile accidents.


Three Ways to Prevent Auto Accidents on Busy Highways


When you travel during busy times, follow these three tips for safety:


  1. Monitor the weather ahead of time. Smart devices let you know temperatures and percentages of snow and rain, but they are no replacement for checking the radar. Take a look at what to expect before you hit the highway.


  1. Keep an eye on speed. It can be very easy to drive fast on an open highway, but speeding also means you don’t have as much control of your car, and less time to predict and respond to surprise situations.


  1. Don’t follow too close. Keep at least one car length of space between you and the vehicle in front of you when traffic is flowing. When you tailgate, you sacrifice control – there’s not a lot you can do if the driver ahead needs to slam on his brakes. Stay safe with extra space.


What to Watch for During the New Year’s Holiday


Traffic on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is in a category all its own. January 1 has the distinction of being the day with the most number of traffic incidents. Ringing in a new year and new hopes is fun, but lots of people underestimate their alcohol consumption and get behind the wheel to hit the highways. It is crucial to employ defensive driving this time of year. Between New Year’s parties and bowl games, many people are celebrating – and not always self-aware. Stay safe behind the wheel by:


  • Placing room between you and other cars on the road. Assume someone around you has had too much to drink.


  • Following all the rules. When you know others may not be driving safely, adhering to all traffic laws can protect you in an accident.


  • If you plan on drinking at all, leave your car keys with your host, or travel with a designated driver who will not be consuming alcohol.


  • Sleep over. Try to avoid being on the roads during these nights if you can. Taking yourself out of the equation keeps you safe.


Be Safe All Year Long


Take caution when you are on the highway no matter what time of year you travel. When you are on the road for the holidays, drive with extra care.