What To Consider Before Driving On The Highway 

Car Driving on a HighwayDriving on the highway can be nerve-wracking for not only new drivers but also experienced drivers. Highways often require you to drive at faster speeds than you are accustomed to, around many vehicles, and for several hours at a time. High-speed car crashes can cause serious permanent injuries and death. Before merging onto the highway, you should always make sure that you and your loved ones are buckled in and that you know what to expect. 

Road Rules and State Statutes 

Instead of airline flying, many people now opt to drive when they go on vacation. Plane tickets can be expensive and checking yourself through TSA can be a hassle. A drive across state lines will normally take longer, but many people prefer taking that extra time to avoid using commercial airlines. 

You should always remember that different states may have different road laws when you are traveling across state lines. Additionally, some states are notoriously much stricter about certain violations. When you know that you’re going to be driving throughout different states, you should take some time to see whether different rules apply. 

Road Trips and Towing 

Highways are also filled with families and other road tripping drivers driving throughout the state or from state to state for fun activities. It is common to see recreational vehicles, boats, and off-road vehicles being towed on the highway from a regular vehicle. While one of the last things anyone going on vacation wants to deal with is an accident on the highway, it can still happen to anyone while hitching something.  

Using trailers or driving large vehicles is more difficult because people will have far more blind spots in addition to a harder time driving. On the highway, always watch out for people with larger hauls or baggage in the trunk blocking their windows and creating additional blind spots. People on vacation will also be more likely to feel relaxed and less attentive, so be aware that you may have to be extra cautious to make up for any lack of skill, experience, or awareness. 

Working Drivers 

Many people take a highway even when their destinations are within the same city. Cities oftentimes have several exits so that people can get from Point A to Point B directly without stopping at red lights or other delays that driving through town can bring about. Additionally, highways always have semi trucks driving throughout the states with truck drivers driving for much longer than most people would. 

These working drivers are typically accustomed to the highway, but this can actually be negative as this can lead to speeding and feeling overly confident. Whenever entering the highway, everyone should be cautious. Watch out for reckless or negligent drivers and try to stay away from them when you notice an unsafe driver. 

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What Happens After Your Car Is Towed Following A Car Accident

Flat Bed Tow Truck With A Pickup Truck On ItFollowing a car accident, police may determine that you need to have your car towed.

For example, if the car will not start because of its damages or you need medical attention, police will use their neutral towing rotation for a company to use.

Before relying on their rotation, police will ask you if you have a special preference for a towing company.

If you know someone with a towing company, it can be more beneficial for you to ask for the police to contact that person and/or company so that you can possibly avoid additional charges. 


Following a tow, your car will be parked and locked up at the tow company’s location. Each day, you will be charged a fee for having your car there. Typically, the daily fee will be around $40-$80, depending on the company. This does not include the initial towing fee that will be even more expensive. Once you are ready to reclaim your car, you will need your identification and proof that you own the car.

Additionally, you will need to pay the towing fee in addition to any daily charges for storing your vehicle. If you cannot afford it, you will not be able to retrieve your car, but you should be able to retrieve any personal items within the vehicle, typically without charge, unless police have given other instructions. 


When you go to a tow company to pick your car or personal property up, keep in mind that the owners and employees are simply doing their job. While it may be an inconvenience for you, in the long run, it’s safer to have your vehicle towed in a locked and camera surveillance protected area rather than out by the side of the road.

Usually, if you are kind and respectful to the person working at the tow company, he or she will likewise treat you with the same friendliness. In the event that the tow company does not allow you to remove your personal property in your vehicle or acts unreasonably for you to get your car back, you can then contact the non-emergency police hotline to have things settled out. 

If You Think The Towing Company Acted Negligently 

When you go to retrieve your personal property or car and see that something was stolen, or your car was damaged, you will possibly be able to be compensated. If you can, try to take photos of the inside and outside of your vehicle right before it is towed so that you have photo evidenced proof of the outside and interior of your car. Time stamp the photo and show that this is when it was being towed to help assert your claim that the towing company did not keep your car or property safe.

If you cannot take your personal property with you or if you were unable to take photos, make sure to write a list of what should be in your car and make sure that it is accounted for once you go to retrieve your cars and property. 

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