How To Deal With Trucking Accidents

Big truck that burned on side of road after accidentTruck accidents have caused pile-ups on the highway as well as fatal accidents that would have been minor if it was a regular sedan.

Trucks are much larger and heavier than regular cars, so when a truck accident takes place, it is likely that multiple people and vehicles will be involved.

Due to the potential travesty that a truck accident can cause, additional expertise is required to operate one and truck drivers are required to be licensed to drive any kind of commercial truck. 

What Truck Drivers Deal With 

Driving for hours and hours can be exhausting. Truck drivers have to put up with: 

  • The sun causing eye strain 
  • The same monotonous scenery of trees, roads, and cars 
  • Driving for hours at a time 
  • Meeting pressing deadlines 
  • Lack of communication and companionship with friends and family 
  • Not having much downtime 
  • Maneuvering a large and heavy vehicle 
  • Finding places to eat that might need to meet their dietary restrictions 
  • Traffic jams, detours, and road construction 
  • Other drivers and their errors 

Taking all of this into consideration, it is understandable that truck drivers tend to be tired, stressed, and even depressed. Regardless of their state of mind, they are still required to meet their deadlines while driving responsibly with additional care and precision. 

How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Accidents 

Even though a truck driver may need to meet a deadline, everyone needs a break. Studies have shown that people can get back to work and be even more effective after taking a break to rest their minds. It would be unreasonable for a truck driver to also never take breaks. At rest stops, hotels, and restaurants, it is important for truck drivers alike to: 

  • Stretch 
  • Call, FaceTime, or text friends and family 
  • Play a relaxing game on their phone 
  • Eat a balanced meal 
  • Take a nap 

While driving, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and new music are all good choices to stay awake and focused, presuming drivers can play audio without handling a phone as this could require taking their eyes off the road. 

How Other Drivers Can Prevent Accidents 

Often, truck accidents are caused by other drivers on the road. Sometimes, such accidents could have been prevented if other drivers were more careful. Even if you’re not driving a huge vehicle, always remember to: 

  • Be aware of your blind spots and those of others 
  • Allow trucks room to turn, brake, and change lanes 
  • Stay focused and refrain from distractions such as texting and eating 
  • Continue to be informed about accident prevention 
  • Look up exactly where you have to go and whether you may run into traffic 
  • Do not drive while emotional 
  • Keep your car well-maintained to avoid mechanical failures 

If An Accident Occurs 

If you are involved in a truck accident, you should always contact an attorney. You should not speak with an insurance company until you consult with an attorney because insurance companies may try to settle your claim for less than you deserve. If a family member passes away due to a trucking accident, you may also be able to recover in their place. 

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Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Occur 

Long vehicle overturned and lying in ditch on sideTruck accidents can oftentimes cause more damage that an accident involving two regular-sized vehicles.

Trucks are larger, heavier, and more difficult to handle.

While driving in or around such huge vehicles, drivers are required to take additional precautions and be even more careful as these accidents can be devastating. 

Truck Driver Negligence 

Truck drivers must obtain a special license to drive a commercial truck. This is because they have additional responsibilities for driving these vehicles. First of all, semi-truck drivers often have to meet deadlines which can lead to long hours on the road. Hours of driving on a highway can lead to boredom, distractions, and rushing to reach the destination on time.

Truck drivers must keep in mind that their vehicle can be life-threatening the second their attention wanders or they start getting tired. The constant driving and watching out for other cars can lead to stress, alcohol or drug abuse, and other medical problems. 

Car Driver Negligence 

Car drivers must keep in mind how difficult driving a truck is along with the stress, angst, and caution truck drivers must deal with on a daily basis. In fact, studies have shown that the majority of truck accidents have been caused by the car driver, as opposed to the truck driver. If you’re a car driver and you are driving near a truck, try to give them space, and if possible, avoid them.

If you want to change lanes in front of one, remember that because of how heavy trucks are, it will be harder for them to brake, so make sure you are a safe distance away. Many trucks have signs that state how if you can’t see their mirrors, then they cannot see you. If you must drive behind a truck, ensure that the truck driver can see you by making sure that you can see his or her mirrors. 

Poor Maintenance And Checks 

Commercial truck drivers are required to properly maintain their trucks by completing safety checks before driving one to make sure that all the important functions are working properly. Checking the brakes, wheels, trailer hitch, and engine, are parts of the truck that should be checked. If any of those components would stop working, it could cause an accident and even a pile-up on the highway. 

Poor Road Conditions 

Unpredicted and uncontrollable road conditions can also lead to a truck accident that could have been avoided in regular situations. Weather, badly paved roads, and road rage and driving of other drivers can cause a driver to lose control of his truck.  

  • Weather: Driving a truck during snow or rain can lead to losing traction and control. Once a truck driver no longer has control of his or her truck, it can be clearly problematic. 
  • Badly Paved Roads: If roads are uneven or have potholes or objects on them, it could lead for the truck driver to lose control or swerve out of the way. 
  • Other Drivers’ Attitudes and Driving: As stated above, the majority of truck accidents are caused by other cars. Whether they are stuck in traffic, trying to rush somewhere, or are careless about how difficult it is to drive a semi-truck, avoid such a conflict by keeping calm and informed while driving. 

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