Almost everybody has been involved in a fender-bender, and we take those in stride, but a serious accident can be devastating.

A severe injury will not only cause a lot of pain but will also have financial repercussions. Missing days or weeks of work in order to recover can compound your tension and anxiety.

When you are out of work, thinking about how you will pay your bills can lead to additional tension. You may find yourself shaken and not capable to think clearly after a crash.

If you are injured, medical costs will rapidly start to pile up. Insurance companies may attempt to exploit you at this time when you are defenseless. They may attempt to use your confusion to their benefit.

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They may pressure you to accept a settlement before you even appreciate what your case is worth or how much you are entitled to. You need someone to look out for you and your interests — someone who understands your cares and concerns.

Choosing the right car crash legal professional to represent you can make the difference between getting the just settlement that you deserve and walking away with nothing at all. At The O’Brien Firm, our vehicle accident lawyers have considerable trial experience and legal expertise.

If you decide to settle, we will support you in that decision, but we are always ready and able to take your case to trial and fight for you.

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What might seem to be a straightforward case can unexpectedly become more involved. Many people are not prepared for the lengthy process of investigation, discovery, and litigation. The O’Brien Firm will undertake this task for you, allowing you to focus on getting better.

We will lead you through the legal quagmire and win the truly just award that you are entitled to. Our devotion and dedication to fighting for you set us apart from other law firms. We possess the legal acumen and trial experience to make insurance companies pay. They know who we are and know that we will to fight in court, if necessary. We want our clients to know that we are here to address their questions and make sure they appreciate what is happening at all times.

A majority of vehicle crashes are caused by one or more drivers’ carelessness. Most could have been avoided. There are numerous possible examples of carelessness that could have caused a crash. Distracted driving, for instance, claimed the lives of 3,477 people and injured another 391,000 in 2015. Talking in person, on the phone, or texting can distract the driver of a car.

The period of time to send the average text, five seconds, is actually a long time in a car traveling at highway speeds. A driver traveling at 55 mph crosses the length of a football field in the time it takes to answer a text. With the driver’s awareness focused on the text as opposed to the road, he is effectively driving blindly. Innocent victims suffer serious or fatal injuries every day from the irresponsibility of drunk drivers. When people violate traffic laws and choose to speed or otherwise drive unlawfully, everybody on the road is at risk. There is no telling how accident-related injuries will continue to impact your life down the road, but you have to take action now to make sure you can cover those bills.

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Let us worry about your case so you can worry about getting well. We are never too busy to consult with you. The meeting will cost you nothing, and attorney’s fees are only paid if we recover a favorable settlement for you. Call us now and see how we can help you get the compensation you deserve! – (716) 907-7777