If you have been hurt, physically or psychologically, due to the carelessness of another, our personal injury lawyers are here to assist. Consult our offices before talking to the insurance companies.

You are our concern. Our lawyers will fight to make sure your needs, not the neglectful party’s needs, are taken care of.

Do not settle. Our lawyers are available and eager to go to work for you.

Do not make it possible for the insurance company or neglectful party to bully you into settling before you fully understand what you are entitled to.

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There are a number of different types of accidents that lead to personal accident lawsuits, each resulting from the carelessness of others. Straightforward open communication is key to a successful claim. You are not a number but an individual with a unique case and we realize it is a privilege to be entrusted with you and your case.

We take seriously the task to know your circumstances and build a case specifically for you. Our client’s needs are put first through caring counsel, open communication, and years of experience.

The sooner you find counsel for your claim the better your chances for success. We realize how to interact with insurance companies who are only out to provide their clients with the lowest settlement possible. Our desire is not their profits; at O’Brien, our desire is to ensure sure that you are fairly compensated for the accident suffered.

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Our top priority is to greatly improve the lives of our clients and the community in which we enjoy. With years of experience, our attorneys in Big Flats have had the privilege to serve many clients. If you were the victim of carelessness in Big Flats or nearby neighborhoods know that our lawyers are standing by getting ready for your call. Our personal injury lawyers will assist you in holding those responsible accountable for your hurts. Side-by-side let’s fight for justice, fair compensation and ensure the neglectful party is incapable to make the same harmful mistake again. Side-by-side, we can fight to make our community is a safer better place.

Following an accident of any kind, there is a multitude of details to handle. For those hurt in an automobile accident continued transportation and vehicle repairs enhance the anxiety and stress. Work-related or recreational accidents can cause missed work days. As work is missed, the medical/therapy debts that accumulate become complicated to pay. If the personal injury was due to another person’s negligence, do not tackle the economic task on your own. Our lawyers can help!

It is reasonable to expect others to present quality care devoid of defect, malpractice, or carelessness and to be called to account when they don’t. When others do not follow through it can be emotionally and financially devastating. We are here for you. We’ve seen it all and want to fight for you.

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For a free consultation, call us right now at (716) 907-7777. Let us understand your story and the circumstances neighboring your accident. Let us go to work for you fighting fair settlement. Do not handle this fight alone! Our record speaks for itself with multiple clients who have discovered that they are not in this fight for justice.