Looking for “tractor trailer accident lawyers near me” is a good step if you or a loved one has been injured in a big-rig crash, but there are some other things to consider first.




Consider This Step-by-step List Of What To Do After A Big Rig Accident In Binghamton

  1. Call for medical help. When you call 911, the police will come to protect the scene and investigate the accident. Ask for medical help, too. You may not feel as if you are hurt, but unless a professional checks you out, it can be impossible to be sure.
  2. Document the scene. The police will file a report and document evidence, but for your personal case, it’s important to have as much visual documentation as possible. Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, skid marks, damage to the pavement, damage to the truck – if possible, and your injuries. Traffic cameras may offer further evidence, but the more you have to show, the better you can see what happened.
  3. Talk with witnesses. You have a perspective of the incident, but it can be hard for you to think or remember clearly in the aftermath of a crash. Talk to others who saw the accident; they may talk to the police, too, but, if you talk to them immediately, they may have better recall of the incident. If you can, ask them for their names and numbers, in case you need it later.
  4. Don’t admit fault. Saying “I’m sorry” is almost second nature to some people – whether they are responsible or not. Avoid that automatic tendency to say you’re sorry – some insurance companies will use this kind of language against claimants. Be kind, be honest, but don’t apologize. You can’t really know who is responsible in these circumstances, so, when asked, only offer the details you know.
  5. Check in with your doctor after. You and your passengers should get immediate care after an accident, but you should still see your regular doctor after. It’s unlikely someone can come away from a big-rig accident without any injury, and some injuries don’t become apparent until the following days.
  6. Talk with an experienced Binghamton tractor trailer lawyer. It’s crucial for your case to talk with an attorney who knows the area and who understands the laws of New York. Accident attorneys aren’t the same across the board, and because there can be various parties liable for the accident, you need someone who has experience with tractor trailer collision laws.

Determining Fault In A Trucking Accident In Binghamton New York

Determining liability isn’t as easy as pointing a finger, and although it may seem straightforward that the driver is at fault, there can be many culpable parties. A few possible people who may be responsible for your trucking accident injury are:

  • The driver. A driver may work independently as a contractor or work for a company. If the driver is responsible for an accident and is an independent contractor, he or she can be sued.
  • The trucking company. If a driver isn’t an independent contractor, then the trucking company may be at fault. Sometimes, trucking companies push drivers to take on too much or drive too long – despite laws and regulations. They may also have taken on drivers who were not trained properly or one whom they didn’t properly vet.
  • The loader. Some trucks are loaded by a loading company, some are loaded by the trucking company, and sometimes drivers are responsible for loading hauls onto their truck. Trucks that aren’t loaded properly are accidents waiting to happen – poor loading changes the balance of the truck, and, no matter how good the driver is, a bad load can cause an accident.

In a trucking accident, one or more of these parties may be at fault. For instance, if the driver was tipsy and the trucking company didn’t find his or her history of substance abuse before the company hired the driver, then the driver and the company may be at fault. The nuances among these situations are why you need a Binghamton 18-wheeler accident attorney with experience in New York law and trucking collisions in the area.

Call A Truck Injury Attorney For Questions About Your Case In Binghamton NY

An insurance company may call with you a settlement offer, but talk with an attorney before you accept anything. They may not be trying to treat you unfairly, but they don’t have your best interests in mind, and an experienced attorney knows how to negotiate for a settlement that will help you with the financial burden of your injuries – be it medical bills, time lost from work, or a combination. An experienced big rig lawyer in Binghamton, New York is better equipped to deal with the courtroom processes than an average attorney.

Unique Laws For The New York Area

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations, but some accidents cross state lines, and attorneys need an understanding of national traffic laws to present your case properly. The at-fault’s lawyer may present a settlement, and without proper understanding of complex area laws, you could be signing into a contract with loopholes.

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