Minor collisions can cause you annoyance, but a severe crash can alter your life within seconds. A severe injury will not only cause a lot of pain but will also have economic consequences. Missing days of work in order to recuperate can worsen your anxiety and stress.

You may find yourself agitated and incapable to think clearly after a crash. If you are injured, medical expenses will quickly start to pile up. This is when you are the most vulnerable, and insurance companies may try to exploit you.

They know to strike when you are in a fragile state. Insurance companies may strong-arm you into taking a settlement before you grasp the value of your case or be aware of your rights.

If you believe an insurance company is trying to exploit you, consult with an attorney who will have your best interests at heart — someone who is aware of your cares and concerns.

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The right auto accident lawyer may the only thing standing between obtaining the equitable and just settlement that you deserve and settling for much less. The accident attorneys at O’Brien possess the trial expertise and legal acumen to confront these large insurance companies. Should you choose to settle out of court, we will support your decision, but we are always willing to fight for you at trial, if necessary.

Automobile crash cases involving major injuries can become complex. Many people are not prepared for the lengthy process of investigation, discovery, and litigation. The O’Brien Firm will undertake this task for you, allowing you to focus on getting better.

We will think about all the particulars of building a case that will generate a fair and just outcome. Our commitment and dedication to fighting for you set us apart from other law firms.

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We have the legal acumen and trial experience to make insurance companies pay. They know who we are and know that we will fight in court, if necessary. We will also commit to communicating with our clients so they understand all choices available to them.

Most vehicle crashes are the result of someone’s carelessness and could have been avoided. Negligence behind the wheel takes many forms. Distracted driving, for instance, took the lives of 3,477 people and injured another 391,000 in 2015.

Chitchatting with passengers, on the phone, or by texting can all distract the driver of a vehicle. The amount of time to send the average text, five seconds, is actually a long time for a car driving at highway speeds. In those five seconds, a driver moving at 55 mph travels the distance of a football field. Any time a driver texts behind the wheel, it is as though the driver is driving blindly for the length of a football field.

Drunk drivers cause millions of accidents, claiming too many innocent lives each year. Everyone on the road is at risk when a person drinks and drives, or when he speeds or violates other traffic laws.

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You have no way of knowing whether your injuries will continue to bother you in the future, so you must be sure you take that into consideration when seeking compensation. Our individualized attention to your legal matters will allow you concentrate on your health while we concentrate on getting the compensation you need. We are never too busy to consult with you.

The meeting will cost you nothing, and attorney’s fees are only paid if we recover a favorable settlement for you. Contact us to see how we can help you today! – (716) 907-7777