Small fender benders might be a troublesome headache, but severe auto collisions can cause life-altering devastation in mere moments. The medical and financial repercussions of an accident might be extensive.

If you miss work while you are recuperating, your lost income could be an additional source of tension. After a serious car crash, you may find yourself shaken and distressed.

Medical costs and the stress and anxiety surrounding them can keep you up at night. Insurance companies may try to exploit you when you are most vulnerable.

They may try to use your discomfiture to their benefit. Insurance companies may strong-arm you into accepting a payment before you understand the value of your case or appreciate your rights.

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If you believe an insurance company is trying to exploit you, speak with an attorney who will have your best interests at heart — somebody who is not working for the insurance company.

The right auto injury attorney may be the only thing standing between getting the equitable and just settlement that you deserve and settling for much less.

At The O’Brien Firm, our automobile crash lawyers have ample trial experience and legal expertise. We always look for an equitable settlement for every case, but we are not afraid to go to court, if necessary.

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Automobile accident cases involving major injuries can become complicated. Many people are not prepared for the long process of investigation, discovery, and litigation. You can be confident that The O’Brien Firm is on the job, so you can focus on recovering.

We will lead you through the legal quagmire and win the truly fair award that you are entitled to. Not all law firms have the same level of dedication, competence, and years of experience that we have at O’Brien. Our legal expertise and trial savvy allow us to fight insurers in court and win. They know who we are and know that we will fight in court, if necessary. We want our clients to know that we are here to answer their questions and make sure they are aware of what is going on at all times.

Most auto accidents are the result of somebody’s negligence and could have been avoided. The carelessness that causes accidents comes in many different varieties. Distracted drivers killed over 3,000 people in 2015, and hurt over 300,000. Talking to passengers, talking on the phone, and texting are all some illustrations of distracted driving. The average text takes five seconds. Traveling at 55 mph, a driver travels the length of an entire football field in just five seconds. With his/her eyes off the road and engrossed with a text, it is like driving that distance blind.

Drunk drivers are responsible for many injuries and deaths every year. When people violate traffic laws and choose to speed or otherwise drive recklessly, everybody on the road is at risk. There is no way to anticipate how much your crash-related injuries will cost you in the future, but you still have to act now while you have the chance to be compensated for them.

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