Small fender benders might be a bit of a headache, but severe automobile crashes can bring about life-altering devastation in just matter of seconds. The medical and financial repercussions of a wreck could be disastrous.

When you are out of work, worrying about how you will pay your bills can cause additional tension. After a severe car crash, you may find yourself shaken and distressed.

Medical expenses and the stress and anxiety surrounding them can keep you up at night. Sadly, that is usually when insurance companies aim to profit from your loss. They may attempt to use your confusion to their advantage.

They may pressure you to take a settlement before you even understand what your case is worth or how much you are entitled to.

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If you have been hurt in an auto collision, you need a lawyer on your side who cares about you and your case — someone who has your best interests at heart.

Hiring the right car crash lawyer to represent you could mean the difference between obtaining the fair award that you are entitled to and losing everything.

The skilled crash experts at The O’Brien Firm have the knowledge and experience they require to take on your case. We always look for an equitable settlement for every case, but we are not afraid to go to court, if necessary.

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What might seem to be a straightforward case can unexpectedly become more involved. Many people are not prepared for the prolonged process of investigation, discovery, and litigation. The O’Brien Firm will tackle this task for you, allowing you to concentrate on recovering.

We will lead you through the legal morass and win the truly fair award that you are entitled to. We have a good reputation for being tough, well prepared, and passionate about the interests of our clients, and we possess the legal acumen and trial experience to make insurance companies pay.

They know who we are and know that we are willing to fight in court, if necessary. We want our clients to know that we are here to address their questions and make certain they understand what is happening at all times.

A majority of vehicle collisions are caused by one or multiple drivers’ carelessness. Most could have been avoided. There are countless possible examples of carelessness that could have caused a crash. Distracted driving, for instance, claimed the lives of 3,477 people and hurt another 391,000 in 2015.

Speaking with passengers, talking on the phone, and texting are all some examples of distracted driving. The average text takes five seconds. In those five seconds, a driver moving at 55 mph travels the distance of a football field. With his or her eyes off the road and engrossed with a text, it is like driving that distance blind.

As we all know, drunk driving also claims too many innocent lives every year. Traffic law violations, including speeding and reckless driving, put everyone on the road at risk. You have no way of knowing whether your injuries will trouble you later on, so you have to be sure you take that into consideration when seeking compensation.

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