Virtually everyone has been involved in a fender-bender, and we take those in stride, but a major collision can be devastating. The medical and financial consequences of an accident could be extensive.

Missing days or weeks of work in order to recuperate can intensify your stress and anxiety. You may find yourself upset and not capable to think clearly after a crash.

Medical bills and the pressure that follows can rapidly begin to accumulate. Insurance companies know this, and may attempt to take advantage of you when you are defenseless.

They know how to take advantage of your fragile situation. You may find yourself pressured to take a settlement while you are still under a doctor’s care.

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If you believe an insurance company is trying to exploit you, talk to an auto injury lawyer who will have your best interests in mind – someone who is aware of your cares and concerns.

Hiring the right attorney to represent you could mean the difference between obtaining the fair award that you are entitled to and losing everything.

At the O’Brien Firm, our automobile crash lawyers have the trial experience and legal expertise to make sure you are not forced to settle for less than you deserve. If you choose to settle, we will support you in that decision, but we are always willing and able to take your case to trial and fight for you.  

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Auto accident cases can quickly become very convoluted. Many people are not prepared for the prolonged process of investigation, discovery, and litigation. The lawyers at The O’Brien Firm have the aggressive perseverance and courtroom experience to undertake the required analyses, arrange a settlement, or get ready for a trial. We will lead you through the legal morass and win the truly fair award that you are entitled to.

Not all law firms have the same level of dedication, skill, and years of experience that we possess at O’Brien. Our legal knowledge and trial savvy allow us to fight insurers in court and win. Our commitment to our clients is well known. We will be there to respond to your questions, educate you about the process, and discuss your options in light of what judges and juries have offered in similar cases.  

Avoidable negligence is the cause of most auto crashes. Carelessness takes many forms behind the wheel. In 2015 alone, 3,477 people lost their lives to distracted driving, and another 391,000 were injured. Drivers may be distracted by talking to passengers, making cell phone calls, and, of course, by texting. The amount of time to send the average text, five seconds, is, in fact, a very long time in an automobile driving at highway speeds. A driver traveling at 55 mph crosses the length of a football field in those five seconds it takes to respond to a text. It is just as if the driver is operating the vehicle blindly for the length of a football field any time he texts behind the wheel.

Drunk driving is even more dangerous than distracted driving, claiming too many innocent lives each year. Everyone on the road is at risk when a person speeds or violates other traffic regulations. There is no telling how accident-related injuries will continue to affect your life down the road, but you ought to take action now to make sure you can pay for those expenses.  

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Our customized attention to your legal matters will enable you to concentrate on your health. Call us today at (716) 907-7777 and  schedule a free consultation to talk about your case. The meeting will cost you nothing, and lawyer’s fees are only paid if we recover a favorable settlement for you.