If the negligence of an individual, company, or entity caused personal accident call our personal injury lawyers, we are here to serve.

Before you even consider accepting an insurance company settlement deal, contact our offices. You are our priority. Our lawyers will fight to ensure your needs, not the negligent party’s needs, are taken care of.

If you’ve been offered a settlement, do not take it before contacting our personal injury lawyers. Our lawyers are ready to take your call and get to work on your behalf.

Do not allow the insurance company or neglectful party to intimidate you into settling before you fully understand what you are entitled to.

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There are a number of different types of personal injuries that result in personal injury claims; each is because of the negligence of others. Sincere candid communication is key to a successful claim.

We take seriously the responsibility of getting to know each of our clients and their case personally. You are not a number or a case. Your needs are forefront in our mind as we serve you through this demanding time with caring counsel and open communication.

Pursue our lawyers early on to establish a solid claim and set you up for success. Insurance providers are only out to protect their clients; you need someone fighting for your best concerns. Our desire is not their profits; at O’Brien, our desire is to make sure that you are fairly compensated for the injury suffered.

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Our concern is to improve the lives of our clients and the community in which we enjoy. Our personal injury attorneys in Penfield have aided numerous clients, just like you, with their claims. If you were hurt in a personal injury because of carelessness in Penfield or the surrounding locations, give us a call. Side-by-side let’s fight for justice, a fair settlement and ensure the neglectful party is incapable making the same harmful mistake. Together we can make the community is a safer better place.

Following an accident of any kind, there are a number of details to deal with. Continued transportation can become complicated and vehicle maintenance and repairs difficult following an auto accident. Work-related or recreational injuries can lead to missed work days. With time off from work due to the injury, compounded by the medical expenses associated, personal financial stress collects. If the personal injury was due to someone else’s carelessness, do not tackle this economic task alone. Our lawyers can assist!

It is reasonable to expect others to offer quality care devoid of defect, malpractice, or negligence and to be held accountable when they don’t. When others are not held accountable for their carelessness, the result can be emotionally and financially devastating. We have your back. We’ve seen it all and want to fight for you.

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Call us right now at (716) 907-7777 for a consultation. Let us know your story, the circumstances neighboring the negligence, and learn how we can serve. Let us go to work for you fighting fair settlement. Do not handle this fight on your own! You are not alone; Side-by-side let’s pursue justice for your personal injury claim.