Personal Injury Lawyers in Getzville NY


Getzville NY personal injury lawyers at The O’Brien firm are ready to work on your case.

Every legal adviser here at the law firm handle a variety of cases such as: automobile crashes, tractor trailer crashes, dog bites, slip and falls, and general negligence.

Our staff handles all forms of personal injury claims that can include: workplace, construction, big rig crashes and more.


Highly Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys In Getzville NY

At The O’Brien Firm, we know that each and every injury suffered is a personal one because of how it impacts those around you. Our competitors generally handle a few types of cases. Our lawyers take on disputes involving everything from cases such as texting and driving crashes to slip and falls on ice. While we can not foresee every scenario, we will give you a free consultation and thoroughly evaluate your case. Our professionals aren’t able to anticipate every possible injury scenario, we do offer 100% free consults and case evaluations.

What Is The Likelihood Of Success For My Case in Court?

Our firm only hires top rated and highly qualified attorneys. Our legal team selection process keeps paying off, as we continue to win substantial cases. Our track record of success includes many notable wins settled outside of court, saving our clients both time and money. Our attorneys have also effectively prosecuted wrongful death cases. That kind of victory can ease financial burdens that can come from losing a loved one and help the grieving have a sense of justice. We will sit down and explore your options for your case and the possibility of success we expect. We have successfully tried and won cases exceeding $4M for our clients after suffering from the negligence of others. There is not any reason for you to go it alone. Call us right away to speak to a qualified attorney at no charge.

Why Choose The O’Brien Team?

Our experienced lawyers are your best choice for a top personal injury attorney in Getzville New York. Our prestigious team combines decades of experience to give you the highest possible personal injury representation. Get in touch with us right away for a free case evaluation and to put our team of experts to work for you at (716) 907-7777