Personal Injury Lawyers in Ransomville NY


Here at the O’Brien Law Firm, you have access to top rated Ransomville NY personal injury lawyers.

Chris O’Brien and his team preside over a variety of cases, including car accidents, product liability, canine bites, slip and falls, and general negligence.

Additionally, we handle any personal injury claims incurred on the job, from workplace, construction, and truck accidents to premises liability issues.


Top Leading Ransomville NY Personal Injury Attorneys

At The O’Brien Firm, we know that each and every injury suffered is a personal one because of how it impacts those around you. Other law firms in the area generally handle one or two kinds of cases. Chris and his team take on most any type of injury case. For example, we settle disputes ranging from major truck accidents to dog bite cases. Our professionals aren’t able to anticipate every possible injury scenario, we do offer 100% free consults and case evaluations.

Can I Expect To Win?

We hire the best and most experienced attorneys. Our stringent selection criteria keeps paying off, as we have won many notable cases. Our team has a history of being able to settle out of court, sometimes quite quickly which saves our client time and hassle. Our team of experienced attorneys have also been able to successfully handle wrongful death cases. This kind of legal victory gives the grieving a sense of justice while easing the financial burden imposed on them. We will help you understand what your options are for your case as well as what it will be like working together with us and what your chances of success are. We have succeeded in negotiated claims over $4M for clients who have suffered due to the negligence of others. You have no reason to try and handle this alone. Call us right away to speak to a qualified attorney at no charge.

Deciding Who To Choose

Our top rated lawyers at The O’Brien Firm are the best choice for a top rated personal injury attorney in Ransomville New York since Chris has received a Ten out of Ten Avvo rating and has been named among Legal Elite’s Top Ten Best of the Best. Our prestigious team combines decades of experience to give you the highest possible personal injury representation. Leverage our expertise and put us to work for you today by calling us for a free evaluation. (716)-907-7777