Personal Injury Lawyers in Wales Center NY


Choose the finest Wales Center NY personal injury lawyers for your case with The O’Brien Firm.

Every lawyer here at the office handle a range of cases such as: car accidents, tractor trailer crashes, dog bites, slip and falls, and general negligence.

Additionally, we work with a variety of cases involving personal injury’s that occur on the job, construction sites, premise liability and more.


Top Personal Injury Attorneys In Wales Center New York

At The O’Brien Firm, Chris and his team know how much personal injuries affect both your life and those around you. Other firms typically handle a few types of injury cases, yet our team of attorneys handle almost every kind of case imaginable. Chris and his team take on most any type of injury case. Our attorneys take on cases from slip and falls due to ice and snow to workplace accidents and tractor trailer crashes. Our professionals aren’t able to anticipate every possible injury scenario, we do offer 100% free consults and case evaluations.

How Confident Are You That I Will Win?

Our firm only hires top rated attorneys. Our selection process has consistently paid off, and our team has won many significant cases. Our performance history of being able to settle out of court saves our clients time and headache. Our team of experienced attorneys have also been able to successfully handle wrongful death cases. A victory like that eases financial burdens while giving a measure of justice served. We will help you understand what your options are for your case as well as what it will be like working together with us and what your chances of success are. There’s no reason you should try and do this all by yourself.

Why You Need To Call The Experts At The O’Brien Firm?

Chris O’Brien, John Ford, and our premier legal team are your best choice for the most experienced accident attorneys in Wales Center New York. Our firm brings you decades of success to give you the very highest chance of a successful outcome for your case. Leverage our expertise and put us to work for you today by calling us for a free evaluation at (716) 907-7777