Personal Injury Lawyers in West Falls NY


The O’Brien Firm offers highly skilled West Falls NY personal injury lawyers for your injury or accident case.

The O’Brien team of attorneys works on all kinds of cases including: vehicle accidents, big rig accidents, product liability, dog bites, slip and falls, and general negligence.

We also work on any number of personal injury cases that happen at the work place, construction, big rig accidents and more.


The Finest Personal Injury Attorneys In West Falls NY

At The O’Brien Firm, we know that each and every injury suffered is a personal one because of how it impacts those around you. Other firms normally handle a few types of injury cases, yet our team of attorneys handle almost every kind of case imaginable. Or law team handles a variety of personal injury cases. While we can not provide against every scenario, we will give you a free consultation and thoroughly evaluate your case. We can not anticipate every possible scenario that exists, we can give you a completely no cost consultation and evaluation.

How Will I Know You Can Win My Case?

We only bring on top tier legal talent. Our legal team selection process keeps paying off, as we continue to win substantial cases. Our track record of success includes many notable wins settled outside of court, saving our clients both time and money. We have also been able to successfully handle wrongful death cases. That kind of victory can ease the burden of losing a loved one and give the grieving a measure of justice. We will explore every option with you and explain what you can expect by working with us and your chances of success. We have argued and won claims over $4M for our clients who through no fault of their own suffered at the hands of others due to negligence. You have no reason to try and handle this alone. Get in touch with us today to learn more and receive a free case evaluation.

Why Work With Our Team?

Our experienced lawyers are your best choice for West Falls New York accident attorneys. Our prestigious team combines decades of experience to give you the highest possible personal injury representation. Get in touch with us right away for a free case evaluation and to put our team of experts to work for you at (716) 907-7777