The O’Brien Law Firm has some of the most highly trained attorneys available today.

Let our personal injury attorneys in Rochester fight to protect your rights.

Our goal is to stand up for our clients’ rights, get the compensation you deserve, and make our city stronger by holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.


Experienced Rochester New York Injury Attorneys

The O’Brien Law Firm has highly trained top-rated Rochester personal injury lawyers. We hire only the finest and most experienced attorneys because we believe that every injury is personal. We fight hard for every client because we know your case can make a dramatic difference in the lives of your family for many years. It is important to us to give you our best.

While other firms only deal with one or two types of cases, our accident lawyers work with a variety of cases, including automobile and tractor trailer accidents, product liability, general negligence, and personal injury claims incurred on the job. These injuries vary from workplace, construction, and truck accidents to premises liability issues.

While our professionals cannot anticipate every scenario, we will give you a thorough, honest consultation.

Does My Case Have a Chance in Court?

The O’Brien Law Firm has won many notable cases. We have been able to save clients time, money, and hassle by keeping a number of settlements out of court. Our team of Rochester, NY personal injury attorneys has also effectively prosecuted wrongful death cases easing the financial burden of losing a loved one while offering the grieving some measure of justice. You and your case are our priority.

Together we will explore every possible option and set out honest expectations and the likelihood of success in or out of court. Past clients, who suffered due to negligence in car and motorcycle accidents, have won claims exceeding $4M. There is no reason to stand alone. Contact our team for an honest review of your case.

Why Choose Us?

A successful case is built around open communication between the attorney and client. For that reason, we develop a personalized approach to the process by getting to know you and your situation. The O’Brien Law Firm will never treat you as just a number. Your case is important, our work can make a difference in your future for many years to come.  You, as an individual, have an absolute right to a fair trial.

If you are looking for a Rochester personal injury law firm near you that cares personally for your best outcome, look no further. With so much at stake don’t leave your future to chance. Let’s stand together to protect your rights.

Our professional team combines decades of experience to give you the best possible personal injury representation. Take advantage of our expertise. Get in touch with us for a personal assessment and together let’s discover what we can do for you. When you choose the O’Brien Law Firm you can rest confident that your case is in the hands of professionals dedicated to your case. Trust our proven track record of success.

Watch this short video from attorney Chris O’Brien on why The O’Brien firm is different, and why that can make the difference between winning or losing your case in Rochester: