The Dangers of Road Debris

Everyone knows that sick feeling of running over something in the road and hoping it didn’t damage the vehicle. A quick reaction may avert the danger without serious consequence, but that’s not always what happens. Road debris can often lead to serious car accidents, as was the case for a New York man killed when he went off the road trying to avoid tractor trailer tire debris.

It isn’t just tire debris that causes accidents, however. Improperly secured cargo, litter, and storm driven debris, such as tree branches, can also result in an accident. In many cases, there is a liable party – but that’s not always the case.

Keeping Debris Off the Road

Everyone has a responsibility to keep debris off our highways. Even a plastic grocery bag floating in the wind can cause an accident under the right circumstances. You may never know that you were responsible, but if you take steps to properly secure and cover loads and do not litter, you’ll know for certain that you didn’t injure someone inadvertently. Penalties running from fines to jail time exist for having items fall from your vehicle, even if they don’t cause an accident.

What Drivers Can Do

There’s no way to completely eliminate the dangers of road debris, and seeking restitution from a negligent party can be challenging. For one thing, it’s nearly impossible to prove where the debris came from. The best thing to do is adopt defensive driving skills. Slow down and don’t tailgate to allow more response time. Use extra caution in inclement weather. Keep focused on the road, avoiding distractions as much as possible.

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