We all see the tractor trailers on our highways. The 18 wheelers, the Big Rigs, and the question is sometimes asked about why is there such a concern about them? It’s because sometimes these trucks are driven by careless drivers who either aren’t paying attention or have been driving too many hours. When a tractor trailer is involved in a crash, the person who is injured has to be certain that the lawyer they hire has handled cases against trucking companies before, and that’s where The O’Brien Firm comes in.



We have the experience and background necessary to get the GPS units and the drivers’ logs, to have the experts who can do the forensic analysis of those logs, and to get the toll records and all of the other documents that underly bringing a successful case against a tractor trailer company.

Recently, when there was a bad tractor trailer crash in Buffalo, New York,, the defense lawyers got the call to get out to the scene that night. They were doing their investigation within hours of the ambulances leaving the scene. That is why it is important to not delay and to call The O’Brien Firm right away, so we can get our investigators to work right away for you.

To learn more, contact The O’Brien Firm by visiting our website or by calling (716) 907-7777. Remember there is no fee unless we win. Put us to work right away for you today if you have been injured by a tractor trailer and need a personal injury lawyer with a track record of success.